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. >> rose: they wanted him because they thought he could carry texas. >> and the south. eisenhower took texas by 200,000 votes in 1956. the republicans were strong in texas. and eisenhower had also carried four other southern states. kennedy knew-- and he was right-- if he didn't carry texas and get back some of the southern states, he wouldn't win. >> rose: so johnson in effect helped elect kennedy. >> that's one of the forgotten, absolutely forgotten chapters. because johnson makes a campaign through the south. he does an old fashioned whistlestop campaign. he pulls into all these southern towns. the yellow rose of texas is blaring. and the volume is turned up by bobby baker, his secretary of the senate, so it would pull into town and johnson would start speaking, you know, anded he'd give a speech, "we have to have a southerner on the ticket. let's not let the south be forgotten." the train would pull away. johnson wouldn't be finished talking. he once said in a town named cullpepper, as the train is pulling out he said, "what did dick nixon ever do for cullpupper?" >> rose: so they'
in texas in houston as legitimate oil. oil that has been stolen by drug gangs the zetas, they are selling this oil in houston. now, the story came outlast week where gas stations in seven mexican states complained to say they are being forced to sell oil by these cartels. so you have these cartels, which are like criminal paramilitary political complexes fighting each other and the federal government trying to impose its will and trying to put order on all of these cartels. so a checks war. now when the new president comes in, i don't think he has pot a simple master plan. you know, he said -- he said he wants to reduce the antisocial violence, the collateral that has come out of this conflict and that's a good objective. the objective of calderon was i am going to declare war and destroy the cartels. which didn't work. he couldn't defeat them. he couldn't eliminate or annihilate cartels. >> rose: because of the corruption that exists within? >> because of the corruption and also because of the nature of these cartels. i mean you take one cartel in michoacan, state, and there, you have
in austin, texas with which is where i live now, i won't go too intense into it, you only go away for three months or 90 days, three months, and he has to come back and he is in solitaire for two weeks before she allowed to go back into the public zero so just to work with him and to the psychological state he is in and see that and see what he sacrifices, it was incredible and then just aesthetic and that kind of stuff, training with him and a couple of mates was great, but i think it was more for me was the, just the psychological, you know, what it does for them. >> and the mindset they have. >> yeah. it is incredible. >> all right let's take a look at the first clip. >> welcome to the recession, boys. you should be grateful you still have a product people want. >> so you don't mind -- >> you guys, you guys, you know, you have a clean business, there is, there are no problems, there ain't no ben and cho. this, so my envelope stays the same. >> it is just a matter of time, guys. before they legalize it. >> i mean, i would take the deal instead of decapitation. you know? bang it out swee
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)